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Why choose us

There are many reasons why you should choose us for your language training needs, but we believe that the following reasons are amongst the most important when organising high quality, cost effective language training programmes.

Company Language audits

Our evaluations are all outsourced to NET TEST, a company which specialises in language audits for training and recruitment. This means that we can offer our customers complete transparency for both pre and post training test level results. Results can be viewed in real time by both learners and the HR staff. Learners undergo oral and written tests so that their overall level can be determined. www.net-test.fr 

Training management interfaces

Our customers have access to an online training management interface which allows the HR department to successfully manage their training requirements and allows learners to book their lessons online 24/7.


Because we are a small independent company, we can react immediately to our customers’ needs and adapt our courses to their specific company requirements.

Net Test Partner

How to be sure that your training really meets its objectives ?


APPLILANGUE has chosen Net Test™, an independent, language-auditing company, as its preferred partner to guarantee total objectivity for its pre and post training tests. Net Test also provides a range of online functionalities to benchmark required levels and to identify training priorities : www.net-test.fr


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